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    Invisalign enables you to straighten your teeth without anyone even knowing.  Using clear, removable aligners, this treatment is the “invisible” way to straighten your teeth. Using state-of-the-art equipment, a series of aligners are created in accordance with your needs. Each aligner is then worn for  weeks before the patient progresses to the next in the series.
    Invisalign exerts mild pressure on teeth  to manoeuvre them to their desired position. Invisalign provides exceptional benefits to patients as it reduces mouth irritation generally associated with traditional Braces. This aspect also limits the amount of time spent in the dental chair. The Aligners are removable, and therefore, do not impact your dietary or oral hygiene habits.

    Invisalign is the invisible way to straighten teeth using a series of custom- made, nearly undetectable aligners. Whether your teeth are crowded, too far apart, or have shifted since wearing braces with Invisalign and Dr. Patel, you’ll have a new reason to smile.
    Invisalign is a breakthrough in orthodontics that is virtually undetectable. It is a series of clear removable aligners that gradually move your teeth without the need for metal wires or brackets. Aligners are custom made through our accredited expertise and computer imaging technology.
    Since there are no metal wires or brackets, Invisalign is comfortable. And because it is also removable, brushing and flossing  no problem. You can still enjoy your favourite foods and smile without holding back. With Invisalign, there is absolutely nothing to hide.

     Is Invisalign effective?

    Invisalign has worked for thousands of people whose teeth were too crowded or had spaces between them. Make an appointment with Dr. Patel, to discover whether Invisalign will be suitable for you.

    How often will I have to wear my aligners?

    The duration of your treatment depends on the severity of your case, which will also determine how many aligners you will need. The average is about 12 months, but Dr. Patel will be able to give you a close estimate on your appointment.

    How much does Invisalign cost?

    As with any orthodontic treatment, the cost will depend on the complexity of your case and the length of treatment. Invisalign costs only slightly more than traditional braces, with many additional benefits.

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